Imre was born in Hungary. A hungarian guitarist, singer, songwriter living in Vienna. At the age of 11 got his first guitar lesson. The private school of classical guitar was determining. The approach, disciplination, artistic humility he developed during this study are the most important things on ones musical way. His other beloved instrument, the violin requires the same attitude. Both Rock`n Roll and Blues impresses him so much, that he decided with some friends to found his first Band in `79, called T.Rock. (T is for Total…) and from this moment, he plays mainly R&R and Blues.

Nevertheless he was playing classical music in a symphonic orchestra, and folk music … he used to say… “everything between Hendrix and Bartok”. After the break-up of the Band, he decided to be independent and was playing rather occasionally with many different formations. His biggest idols are first of all the two irish geniuses Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore, but Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Ritchie Blackmore, Eric Clapton, Beatles, Rolling Stones are extraordinary important in his musical world.

41 years after his first guitar lesson, he decided to put out a few things from his bag. The first one is the album called ”Station”.


Horoscope Leo
Favourite dish “Wienerschnitzel”
Favourite drink Guiness
Greatest guitarrist Rory Gallagher
Favourite Music everything from Bartók to Hendrix
Favourite album …there are a lot…
Favourite book Irwing: The world according to Garp
Favourite movie Godfather trilogy
Police or thief It depends…
Mankinds greatest inventions Wheel, beer, guitar
Favourite clothes Jeans
Biggest fear Stupid people
Your quality you love the most I’m a true friend
Your quality you hate the most Impatience
What is sexy Plus-size girls … humor is sexy also
Alltime favourite musician Chuck Berry
Favourite place Stage
Your favourite city London … it’s an endless Country
Favourite sport Riding a horse
Favourite flower Rose
Favourite animal All of them…
Addiction Guitar and coffee
Into which era would you go back 18-19 Century
If you could have three whishes A world without politicians,
  to drink a beer with Mozart,
  a date with Marilyn Monroe…
Your best quality … do I have this??
Your greatest musical experience Rolling Stones live
What would you change in your past? Nothing … our book is already written…
What could you never give up? Freedom
Will you ever grow up? No… I hope


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